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How Haohan can help you?

Worksheet creator

Build your own worksheet design, which can be dowloaded as PDF file. Print it and train your writing on a paper.

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Search hieroglyphs

We collected huge database of hieroglyphs with translation, pronunciation and grapheme decomposition. Use full text search or try

Writing practice

Every hieroglyph page has a «Write heiroglyph» button. Push it and then you can practice in writing with your device

Animated writing

You can see the correct spelling of each character, so that later you can start practicing

Radical table

214 main hieroglyphs with traditional and simplified variants if writing

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Heiroglyph structure

Graphic analysis into graphemes allows you to see what parts the hieroglyph consists of

Pinyin audio

On the character page there are audio recordings with the pronunciation of all the pinyin of the character